There is a new dance in town, it is called ‘Zanku’ and it is fast becoming a nationwide fad.

Just like ‘Shaku Shaku’ came out towards the end of 2017 and became the sensation, a new dance has emerged so late in 2018 to become the new trending dance steps.

Indigenous rapper Zlatan Ibile has been around for quite a while. He gained some attention with his self-titled single ‘Zlatan’, released in 2017 but his efforts in 2018has skyrocketted his fame in the Nigerian music scene to a whole new level.

From an impressive verse in the hit single, ‘Able God’ by Chinko Ekun to fully introducing and naming the dance on his own single, ‘Zanku Legwork’, which he says is an acronym for ”Zlatan Abeg No Kill Us”, this talented rapper has birthed a new phenomenon that is fast sweeping through the country.

The popularity of this dance has been fuelled by social media videos and YouTube competitions that have rained in endlessly in the space of a few months, and while it has hit every street in the mainland axes of Lagos, the movement is fast collapsing classes as seen with Island kids joining in on the act.

Check out more videos of the Zandu dance.

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