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Why Music Is Good For You.

Music is life. There, I said it. It is an extremely difficult task to find a person who doesn’t love music. Even if it’s just a single song, musician, or genre – people tend to love one form of music or the other. There are countless reasons why music remains an essential aspect of human existence or condition and also why musicians are adored the world over. In this article, I intend to discuss the 10 reasons why music is good for you. You probably already know some of them.


Music helps you relax. Whatever your genre might be, listening to music is often a good way to ease off the day’s stress and relax the mind and body. A mild RnB, a slow afrobeats, or a metallic rock can work, you just have to find what your body and mind want. In the end, music does the work.

Emotion Processing

Emotions can be very complex. Sometimes we find them very difficult to figure out. Whether you are feeling sad or confused or in love, music is one of the few things in life you can turn to to help you process your emotions.

Promotes Intelligence/Knowledge

Music shares a number of similarities with literature. One of them is the creative use of language. Another is the promotion of knowledge and intelligence. When you have been listening to different genres for years, you’ll find out that your knowledge of a lot of things around you grows as a result.

Promotes Happiness

While music can help you promote happiness, it has a major function of cheering people up. It not only soothes you, but it also improves your mood and pushes you towards happiness. It is also true that some music can make one sad, but there are so many happy songs to pale them out.

A Reason to Dance

Dance is one form of artistic expression that is mostly dependent on music to exist. There’s hardly any dance without music. On a more casual note, music is the first reason why we dance and it’s the only one we’ll need. Play the music, and then dance.

Cultural Marker

In many cultures, music is more than just recreational; it is an important part of daily living. It is used in many traditional societies to preserve customs, perform rituals or enact worship. In modern times, music remains a great influence on popular culture throughout the world.

An Expression Medium

Art is generally regarded as a form of expression and music remains one of the most used forms. People tend to freely express certain emotions and ideas that they would normally not be courageous enough to without the help of music. Some songs help us express our feelings and we’re comfortable singing the words without feeling vulnerable.

Unifying Power

Do you remember the song, Despacito? Do you remember how the whole world sang along without knowing what the actual words meant in their language? That’s how much power music can wield. Since the 20th century, music concerts have been something used to draw the world’s attention to certain phenomena. People love music, so people will listen.

Great Motivator

Why do you have a work playlist? Or even a workout playlist? Isn’t it because certain songs tend to motivate you to do certain things you have set out to do? Music motivates.

Memory Enhancer

You were taught in school that we have only 5 sensory organs. What you weren’t taught is how music has the power of four sensory organs. Music helps you remember things. Memory tends to be sharper if music is involved.

Keep listening to music.

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