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Ways To Keep Your New Year Resolutions This 2020

It is a new year and as usual, a lot of us have made our resolutions for the year. For me, that was the first thing I did on the 1st day of the year. I spent some alone time together and made a list of what I hoped to achieve before the year ends.

But the problem is not in writing or making resolutions, the problem lies in keeping them. A lot of us make resolutions but don’t keep to it or rather we tend to forget about it a few months into the year. The question now is, how do we fight this? How do we make resolutions and stick to them? Trust me, there is this feeling that comes at the end of the year and you realize that you have kept your resolutions. You feel so proud and fulfilled.

So, here are some of the ways you can keep your resolutions this year;

1. Keep them simple;

A lot of people have this habit of aiming for a total renovation of their lifestyle all at once. It may be understandable at this time of the year when self-improvement is on your mind, but experience shows that these things cannot be achieved once. So the best approach is to focus on maybe one or two important goals. Keep it simple.

2. Talk about it;

Making resolutions and keeping it to yourself may not be the best. I know you are scared of what people would say after you must have shared your resolutions and you failed to keep them. But one thing you should have in mind is that sharing your resolutions with someone has a way of keeping you on your toes. So, it is important that you share these resolutions with your friends and family or simply someone who shares the same resolution. That way, both of you would motivate each other.

3. Be realistic;

In making your resolutions, try not to aim too high and ignore reality. You must consider your previous experience with resolutions. Find out what led to the failure? When you do, try and fix it in your next resolution. Or you can as well, set clear short-term goals.

4. Give yourself a deadline;

The deadline is vital for motivation. This is your barometer for success, the way you assess your short-term progress towards the ultimate long-term goal. If possible, buy a calendar or diary so you can plan your actions for the coming weeks or months and decide when to evaluate.

5. Reward yourself;

In all you do, make sure you reward yourself. Learn to celebrate your success by treating yourself to something you enjoy that does not contradict your resolution. For example, if you have been sticking to your resolution to eat better, instead of rewarding yourself with a box of chocolate, get yourself a new fitness clothing.

6. Do not give up;

In all you do, have it in mind that at some point, anything can happen that would weigh you down. But do not allow that to become an excuse for you to give up. When it happens, you will need to draw on your reserves of self-belief and strength. So you must build these qualities as often as you can. Whatever happens, make sure you do not give up.

Have an amazing year ahead from all of us at Naijazzy!!!

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