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Meet 2 Nigerians Who Are Changing Lives By Feeding And Empowering The Poor With Their Salaries

Two Nigerians identified as Kate Onah and Emmanuel Ngbede are living their lives serving humanity by feeding and empowering the poor with their salaries. Kate is a radio host who is passionate about putting a smile on people’s faces through her outreach.

Meet 2 Nigerians who feed the poor with their salaries

The radio host invites health workers to attend to people whenever she organises vocational skill workshop. She said it is important to organise free medical care because most people do not have money to go to the hospital.

Kate empowered over 200 women for vocational training, and some of those she trained are now training others and doing well for themselves.

Meet 2 Nigerians who feed the poor with their salaries

Ngbede, who is an artist, said he grew up in a poor family which had his mother as the breadwinner who single-handedly trained the children.

He said: “We had difficulty in feeding. Getting three square meal was quite difficult. So on my own I looked at it and said ‘really? If we can really suffer that much, how much more people on the street?’ So I had that covenant with God that I would grow up to be an ambassador for the poor.”

Ngbede’s dream is to feed 200 people a day.

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