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JAYWON and ZLATAN: Who Copied the Other?

Such a case is rarely the type we come across in the Nigerian music scene. The respect for copyright and intellectual property is hardly a conversation that comes up. Parts of artists’ songs are adopted/copied/tweaked for new songs by other artists without as little as an acknowledgement.

Earlier this week, Nigerian singer, Jaywon called out Zlatan Ibile for plagiarising the lyrics to his 2014 hit song, This Year.

In a comment posted on Instagram, the singer had said:

“Asan wa sire, Asan wa s’ayo, Asan wa so gbogbo nkan, t’eyan fi ni ayo…… Tell the copy cats original is original and fake go always be fake.”

Zlatan Ibile
An Instagram user had posted the reaction on Instagram with Zlatan’s video but in reaction, Zlatan responded by saying he doesn’t think Jaywon was referring to him.

Jaywon disagrees and responds thus:

“The same lines, video concept, Lool, not even talking about the title but no, dis dumb children on dis platform only follow trend but una papa. If you see me for road make you come talk to me. No be only slap you go chop, you o chop belleful.”

To be fair, the title and idea behind Zlatan’s song are the same as Jaywon’s. The videos also appear to be very similar. The lyrics, however, although sharing certain similarities don’t seem copied. But I might be wrong.

If Jaywon’s claims are legitimate, is he going to take legal action? Will this be an awakening moment to creative artists in Nigeria as regards paying attention to copyright infringement and respect of intellectual property?

Watch both videos and share with us what you think.

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