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Helpful Tips To The NYSC Corps Members Passing Out Today

To the entire 2018 Batch A corps NYSC members passing out from the national service today being Thursday, March 14, 2019, all of us here at Naijazzy say a big congratulations to you!

It is not easy and you have indeed done well. We know some of you did enjoy the experience while most of you did not find the experience cool. But then, what matters right now is that you finished well and alive – you came, you saw and conquered.

No matter the horrible experiences you have stored up in your memory, it is time to put them aside and forge ahead in life. You need to ask yourself, now that NYSC is over, what is next? What plans have you made knowing that the usual N19,800 would no longer be going into your account every month?

We’d like to welcome you guys to the labour market and share some tips on how to scale through the labour market. The race has just started and sometimes the swift ones always win.

So here are some tips that would help you;

  1. Prepare your curriculum Viate (CV) – knowing that your CV can either make or mar you, you should ensure it is well written. If you have no idea how to go about it, it is advisable that you employ the services of someone good at writing CVs.
  2. You need to ditch arrogance and have a spirit ready and willing to learn. No matter how much you think you know, you have to be open to learn new things and unlearn the old ones.
  3. Try as much as you can to get work experience whether it is a short term job, a voluntary job, an internship programme or even an unpaid job. The important thing is that you are gaining enough experience.
  4. You have to learn how to manage whatever you have and live within your means. Cut your coat according to your size.
  5. Learn a skill. You don’t actually need a prophet to let you know that this is Nigeria and the labour market is very much competitive. Learning a skill and marketing it the right way would help you navigate through the storm of unemployment. So, for now, you should concentrate on learning one or two skills while seeking for your dream job. 
  6. Don’t be in a hurry to make it in life. Life has stages and you should be patient enough to go through the phases. Don’t just sit at home and wonder why the country is so bad, go out, get your hands dirty. You will be successful but not when you are drowning in laziness.

That said, we congratulate you guys once again. As you hang up your Khakis today, we welcome you to the favour (not labour) market.

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