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Happy Democracy Week – 10 Songs celebrating Naija.

Democracy Day in Nigeria was June 12 as the day to commerate our democracy as well as remember MKO Abiola, as approved by President Buhari.

Nigeria has come a long way, through military regimes, a civil war, several ethno-religious crises, and more. It’s a country that has been shaken to its foundation but has, somehow, refused crumble.

As we commemorate our longest lasting democratic republic, let us reflect on all the opportunities and freedom democracy avails us and the lives lost in sacrifice for this.

Here is a list of 10 songs about Nigeria to help us remember and reflect. Some will be nostalgic, others will make you feel bad for us. Either way, here we go.

Ty Bello – Green Land
Ty Bello is one of Nigeria’s most patriotic singers. She has a number of songs about Nigeria. Many of which have been used on many TV and radio jingles to push a unifying message across to Nigerians. “Green Land” is the most popular.

Timi Dakolo – Great Nation
Someone once called this song Nigeria’s second national anthem. I agree. It is a song so uplifting and hope-inducing amidst the many discouraging things that occur around the country. We are all we have, people.

Sunny Okosun – Which Way Nigeria
This song, at the time of release in the 80s, was a galvanizing tool for unity and peaceful coexistence. The song was widely spread and loved and is still heard once in a while in this day.

Falz – This is Nigeria
Barely one-year-old and a remake of Childish Gambino’s “This is America”, the song was applauded widely and it soon became a contemporary reference in a song about how messy the country has become.

Veno Marioghae – Nigeria Go Survive
I’ve always heard this song since I was a child. I still hear it now. I guess the forbearance of the song is as important as it’s a message. We need to always remember to hope that things will get better.

Sound Sultan – Motherland
This is a song to remember. Sound Sultan here addresses Nigerians in diaspora, asking of them to not forget “area” where they come from. Home is home regardless.

Onyeka Onwenu – One Love
This is a classic that shares a title with another classic. Onyeka sings beautifully in this song pointing, once again, to the one thing that we can use to our advantage – unity.

Evi Edna – One Kilometer
One Kilometer is a song that mentions Nigeria’s ethnic groups from East to North. It’s a fun way to learn so much about one’s country.

Funmi Adams – Nigeria My Beloved Country
A love song for Nigeria – this country of ours we love to hate and hate to love. It is a song we will always
hum to.

Eedris Abdulkareem – Jaga Jaga
This is one controversial song. It has nothing good to say about Nigeria. This song was very popular to the point of prompting the attention of our then president, Olusegun Obasanjo. We’ll always remember.

Happy Democracy Day, Nigeria!

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