Coca-Cola Nigeria today released the hip hop remix of their very successful ‘MamaDiMama’ soundtrack due to popular demand.

The remix of MamaDiMama features the highly talented, multi-award winning African music icon, 2Baba. 2Baba’s remix of the highly successful song celebrates the hero in his beloved Annie.

The soundtrack was used in the MamaDiMama advert that announced the release of Coca Cola’s 1L PET bottle. This goes ahead to restate Coca Cola’s commitment to inspiring and celebrating devoted family moments and also gives 2Baba the chance to show his appreciation for his beloved wife Annie.

Coca-Cola Nigeria Marketing Director, Gbolahan Sanni, went on to state how happy the company is that MamaDiMama rexix resonated well with Nigerian youhth. “We are elated that the energy in this song resonates so strongly with young Nigerians. They are after all the future. For us at Coca Cola, MamaDiMama, the soundtrack, speaks to our appreciation of ‘Mothers’ and our commitment to nurturing and inspiring those intimate moments that keep the family strong and our consumers happy. We are thrilled that these are values that are shared by our consumers. And so, even as we wish everyone happy holidays, we encourage you to get a copy of the MamaDiMama Soundtrack and to share it with your loved ones as you celebrate in this season dedicated to family, to caring and to sharing”.

MamaDiMama video link:

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